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Pumpred is a comprehensive high-tech company dedicated to R&D, manufacture, sales and service of high pressure water products. Pumpred also support OEM service and supply complete solutions of all kinds of water applications. We all follow the principle of "Honesty Management, Quality First, Reasonable Price, and Courteous Service", and keep long-term relationship with our customers.

Pumpred Systems (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is professional in design, manufacture, assembly, debugging, sales and maintenance of high pressure water equipments, which include high pressure water systems, high pressure cleaner, ultra-high pressure waterblast equipment, high pressure plunger pump, seawater pump and complete spare parts and accessories. All Pumpred's high pressure water equipment can be driven by electric motor or engine. Customers can customize equipment such as high pressure processing unit, high pressure water unit, ultra-high pressure cleaner and ultra-high pressure waterjet as needed. Pumpred's high pressure series are widely used in surface preparation, workpiece deburring, PCB cleaning, pipe, tank and heat exchanger cleaning, marine & bridge depainting & descaling, sewer cleaning and cement & asphalt surface cleaning etc. Pumpred can provide various water solutions for electronics, electroplating, steel, aluminum, industrial cleaning, municipal cleaning,desalination, sewage treatment, steel mills and phosphorus removal, oil drilling industrial cleaning, paper mills, sugar mills, shipbuilding and other industries and fields.

Pumpred Systems (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is general agent in China Mainland duly authorized by American CAT PUMPS, and sell all series of CAT high pressure pumps, CAT pump parts and related accessories(such as pressure relief valves, safety valves, water filters, high-pressure dampers, high pressure spray guns and so on). The maximum pressure of CAT pumps reaches 690BAR and the maximum liquid flow can reach 1060LPM, so CAT pumps are widely used in electronics, electroplating, steel, aluminum, oil field, coal mining, desalination, sewage treatment, paper mills etc. American CAT products are highly acclaimed by customers since its establishment for the superior quality, low maintenance, long continuous operation time and long service life, available for uninterrupted production line and are widely used in various industrial equipments.

Pumpred Systems (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is also appointed agent in China duly authorized by the United Kingdom HUGHES PUMPS, and sells HUGHES high pressure water equipments, parts and accessories. The maximum pressure of HUGHES PUMPS can reach 2750BAR and maximum liquid flow can reach 1370LPM. The HUGHES products are widely used in industrial surfaces treatment, cements gridding processing, steel structure bridge depainting & derust, hull depainting & derust, heat exchanger cleaning, reaction kettle cleaning, pipe cleaning, stone surface process, ore cleaning etc.


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Other related products and professional accessories include: ENZ sewer cleaning rotating nozzles,the German high-pressure pumps, Italian high-pressure pumps, all kinds of high pressure relief valves,high-pressure safety valves, high-pressure unloading valves,foot valves, high pressure dampers (accumulator,buffer), high-pressure spray guns, high pressure rotating nozzles, high pressure hoses,safety protective clothing and other accessories.

Pumpred Systems (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperation with you by high quality products, competitive price and considerate service.