Ship Cleaning

Application of ship cleaning in high pressure cleaning equipment

After a long voyage, the ship's hull below the waterline is easy to adhere to various scales of sea creatures, sea spirits, algae, shellfish, etc., which are hard and difficult to remove. Because of the long time of sailing in the water, it also causes damage to the paint and coating on the hull, and produces a large area of rust. It requires regular maintenance and repainting to maintain the good condition of the hull.

With the advancement of high-pressure water jet technology, the strong impact force of water jet high-pressure cleaning is used, and the single-gun is used for flushing, and the scale layer attached to the surface of the hull is quickly and effectively removed, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Convenient and mainstream maintenance. The main demand industries for ship cleaning include shipping companies, port transportation companies, ship repairing companies and shipbuilding companies.