Technical Application

Classification of high pressure cleaners

Cold water high pressure cleaner and hot water pressure washer

The cold water high pressure cleaner uses normal water at normal temperature, and must pay attention to the impurities in the water and the temperature used to avoid damage to the high pressure water pump. The hot water high pressure cleaner is more heating equipment, and the hot water cleaning can improve the efficiency and effect of cleaning, and effectively treat oily grease and other substances.

Drive by choice

High-pressure cleaners usually have a motor-driven high-pressure cleaner, a gasoline-driven high-pressure cleaner or a diesel-driven high-pressure cleaner. The motor-driven high-pressure cleaner is limited by the location and needs to be used in places where there is electricity. Gasoline and diesel-powered high-pressure cleaners are usually used in places where there is no electricity, and they are more flexible in use.

Differentiate by use

The high pressure cleaner can be further divided into a domestic high pressure cleaner, a commercial high pressure cleaner, and an industrial high pressure cleaner. The pressure and flow time of the household cleaning machine are relatively small, and the main demand is light and good operation.
The pressure and water demand of commercial high-pressure cleaners will be higher than that of households, and the continuous operation time is longer, which is suitable for use in business premises.
Industrial high-pressure cleaners have the highest requirements and are more versatile in specifications. They are usually tailor-made for special needs. For example: waterjet cutting, electroplating factory derusting, electronic factory system cleaning, highway marking removal, track cleaning, ship paint removal and rust removal.