NTG Series - Inline axial cast iron pump


Inline axial cast iron pump

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Traction Transformers
  • Heat exchangers

NTG Series - Inline axial cast iron pump

Efaflu transformer oil pumps are designed and approved according to EN50216-7, 100% Routine Tested and delivered with the certificate and report test. They're designed to work with mineral oil or synthetic ester, at temperatures from -20°C up to +115°C, manufactured in EN-GJL-250 Cast Iron, ENGJS- 400 Cast Iron or welded construction, using Viton® gaskets to ensure the most reliable operation mode. This range of pumps were made to serve as oil pumps for air coolers and heat exchangers, and as pumps for power transformers

NTG series is an inline axial type pump in Cast Iron, designed to work with dieletric oil in power/distribution transformers or heat exchangers, and tested according to EN50216-7 standard.

Available Range

NTG 150
NTG 200

Construction Materials

  • EN-GJL-250 or EN-GJS-400 Cast Iron Casing
  • Aluminium impeller
  • Viton gaskets and AISI 316 stainless steel accessories
  • Terminal box with IP56 protection


  • 4 poles 0,75 and 3 kW
  • 6 poles 0,75 and 1,1 kW

Working Limits

  • Flow rate (max):300 m³/h
  • Head ( max) : 3 meters
  • Temperature:-20ºC up to +115ºC
  • Installation:Horizontal or Vertical

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