TurtleSkin WaterArmor Safety Protective Clothing

Protection increase up to 2800 bar or 40,000 psi

Turtleskin WaterArmor provide enhanced protection for the UHP operator in all pressure and flow rate ranges.

Economical Design - Uniform Size

Patented design makes your protective leg chaps longer or shorter and can be suitable for any operator, regardless of high, low or medium.

Standard design - only buy what you need

Turtleskin WaterArmor protective leg chaps、, protective boots、, protective vests and protective arms can be sold separately, so you can follow your own demands to proceed a separate purchase.

Parts suitable件 Unit of weight (kg) Unit of weight (pound)
Protective boots 1.8 kg 4 lbs
Protective leg chaps 3.6 kg 8 lbs
Protective vest 1.8 kg 4 lbs
Protective arm 0.2 kg 0.5 lbs

Patent Organization . Uniform size . Day comfort

Replacement of parts keeps your protective clothing safety and long-term use

WaterArmor is a multi-piece, a part can be individually replaced when getting accident hits or showing wear.

Open back to remain long cool

Work of Water injection requires a lot of physical strength. WaterArmor's unique design requires giving broad protection in the front of the operator, and gives increased air circulation to keep the operator cool when opening back.

Built-in knee pads for the additional production

Turtleskin WaterArmor protective leg chaps, add pads into built-in knee pads to protect knees and prevent UHP steam injection and solid concrete.

Protection of lightweight clothing can reduce the burden of operator

Lightweight clothing has ever acquired the most closely knit Kevlar ® Turtleskin patent to make WaterArmor lightweight and provide superior protection at the same time.

Folding surface design to provide greater flexibility

WaterArmor patented structural organization perfectly fit the body, each piece can move independently to provide greater flexibility and comfort.

Durable material is easier to maintain

WaterArmor tissue, the surface covered with a layer of rugged material that provides chemical resistance, easy to clean with detergent and water.

Test results::It doesn't happen to penetrate through protective tissue even if velocity of water jet is 2.4 m/s (8 ft/sec) and exceed 75 mm (3 in).

Pressure Flow Size Mtl. Length Result
psi (bar) gpm (lpm) Inches (mm)   Inches (mm)  
40,000 (2,800) 5.5 (21) 0.035 (0.889) Sapphire 3 (76) No Penetration
36,000 (2,500) 5 (19) 0.035 (0.889) Sapphire 3 (76) No Penetration
20,000 (1,400) 11 (42) 0.051 (1.295) Tungsten Carbide 3 (76) No Penetration
10,000 (700) 16 (61) 0.073 (1.854) Tungsten Carbide 3 (76) No Penetration